La Petrolla  farm is located on the hills surrounding the Sele river, in the countryside of Campagna (Salerno province), in front of the WWF oasis of Serre-Persano-Campagna where the otter live; the farm is extended over about 50 hectares, directely viewing the magnificent complex of the Alburni mountains which include the area of the  Cilento and Vallo di Diano natural parc.
The farm is enriched by the extremely favourable climate due to a perfect exposure to the sun light and the fresh air coming, all year around, from the see  trough the Sele’s river valley.Such an environment is the perfect and most helpful  for the cultivation of the Olive Trees which dates back in this area since the Magna Grecia age and then during the following Roman period; as a matter of fact, the name given to the farm derives from the latin word “Petra Olii”  which means rock of the oil then in the italian  language “Petrolla”which identify the location.
The farm include also a small orangery and a vineyard; furthermore,  there are a lot of Oaks, pines and other trees  together with a large selection of spontaneous and selvatic herbs and vegetables fruit such as myrtle, rosemary, origan, asparagus, rocket salad (i.e. rucola or rughetta).